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for new dads

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gonna be a Dad? YOu'll have to learn to survive!

Finding out you're going to be a Dad can be overwhelming. Don't panic, help is at hand. DADDYO contains all the essential info a first time dad needs to survive the pregnancy, the birth and the baby's first six months.

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All the info you need, in one app!

Who has time to read a shelf's worth of pregnancy books? We've crammed all you need to know into one handy app that you can take with you everywhere.

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DADDYO is with you from the first trimester, all the way to your baby's six month milestone.
Use the timeline to get to the right info, just when you need it.

Pro-tips what do you do


DADDYO was created by first time dads, for first time dads. They learned all the tricks of the trade the hard way, so you can learn them the easy way.

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With over 40 illustrated sections, DADDYO breaks down complicated tasks into simple steps, giving you the confidence to tackle tricky nappy changes and bath time.

Tom the proud dad

About the app

DADDYO was created by iQ Labs and Tom Cunningham, coming from Tom's personal experience of becoming a parent:

“As a first time dad, I found the books to be a bit of a chore. I wanted something that showed me how to be a good dad and was always there just when I needed it. That's why we created DADDYO."

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